7 Types of Boys

I have met many types of guys and I feel like these are close to accurate types of guys I have met.

1. Shy Guy


Shy guys will always be the death of me! Them rocking that quite mysterious look. Then you get to know them and usually you find out their not that shy and they talk A LOT…..

2. Party Guys


Party Guys, let me just say don’t make the best decisions. Its always funny to see what ideas they have when they are drunk but at the end of the day…. they are the life of the party.


3. The Hot and Clueless


God help those guys who are hot, like hot from just talked out of a magazine hot. Just to top it all off they don’t even know. Like what kind of lottery did they win.


4. Funny Guys


OMFG!!! I love funny guys, their funny, obviously. But they know how to keep things fun. They make life seem not as serious and stress full as it is. Every girl should always have a funny guy friend.

5. Nice Guys


Everyone always says nice guys finish last but slow and steady wins the race. Am I right ladies or am I right. Nice will always be kind and never hurt you. They are the “Agustus Waters” (The Fault In Our Stars) of the world.


6. Protective/ Brotherly Guys

tenor (1).gif

Protective/brotherly guys have your best interest in their heart. But I know sometimes it feels like they are trying to ruin everything but know that they love you.



7. Guy Best Friend


Sometimes it may fell it easier to befriend a guy over a girl. I do believe that is true because in now time girls are very catty and the media makes us have to feel like we have to compete to be viewed as important. Guys tended to be a little more chill. Guy best friends are amazing.















My depression, you inspire me to write.
How I love the way you prowl, walk and run,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the pleasing jun.

Let me compare you to a feeling moon?
You are more deadly and more nocturnal.
The good sun heats the scary peaches of June,
And summertime has the creepy Durnil.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your terrible eyes, heart, and smile.
Thinking of your sleepy heart fills my days.
My love for you is the appealing tile.

Now I must away with a weepy heart,
Remember my smart words whilst we’re apart.

7 Dorm Room Hacks

Being as I will be going to college in fall of 2019. I have had to look up smart ways for my dorm. 


1. Loft your bed for more storage 

Image result for storage under loft bed dorm


2. Buy chains for you closet for more room

Image result for chains for dorm closets


3. Use binder clips for organizing wires

Image result for desks with binder clips


4. Get different containers for organizing work materials

Image result for dorm hacks


5. Bring clips

Image result for dorm hacks


6. Have some extrea hooks

storage hacks


7. Lastly, a where am I boardImage result for dorm hacks where am i